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Junior Year: Second Semester

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Start of Junior Year is Hitting Hard

Today is the first day of class of my junior year of college. I am still a Computer Science major and I am planning on getting a minor in mathematics. Because of the amount of math classes required for Computer Science major, getting a math minor is a by product. So why not take it.

To be honest, I have been very confused about my future lately. I am not sure about my major and I am too worried about grades. I am forced to choose between what I want to learn and what college tells me to learn. I have always wanted to learn Japanese ever since I came to college, but my major classes have been conflicting with Japanese classes every time I try to enroll in Japanese beginner class. This time, it happened again. I spend the whole afternoon trying to decide what to do. I ended up dropping the Japanese class again. I also got to enroll in Physics class. I've only had math classes today. Tomorrow, I will be attending some of my core major classes. I am feeling a little anxious about the…

Tibetan Summer Camp at Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education

I went to the first Tibetan Cultural Immersion Summer Program at the Dalai Institute for Higher Education located in Bangaluru, Karnataka in South India. We had 12 participants from North America and Europe. All of them are Tibetans who have moved to first world countries. Among the participants, there were 8 males and 4 females.
Most of them came to improve their Tibetan language skills. Many of them were born in India and raised in western countries. I joined the summer program for two different reasons: first, I wanted to experience the only Tibetan university in the exile Tibetan community. Second, I thought it was a cheap way to spend three months in India before I join the University of Oklahoma. The whole program was $350 and it included food, rent, and the program fee. I think the other participants hail from far more better-off families than myself as their families have established themselves in developed countries like USA, Netherlands and Switzerland. The biggest differe…

After Denmark: Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi

It's been a long time since I blogged the last time. During this huge gap, I finished two years of college. A lot happened, let me narrate them in order. I am so excited to share them with you!
After the trip to Denmark at Marit's home, I flew back to India. I arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport on a hot and sunny afternoon. The air outside the airport felt like hours in a Sauna in Norway. I don't have any relatives or close friends in Delhi, so there was no one to receive me at the airport. I had to arrange transportation to the nearest Tibetan area called Majnu ka Tilla. My mama used to live there. I know the colony well as I used to spend my winter vacations there when I was going to school in India. I came across a Tibetan monk from Ladakh talking to some Indian taxi drivers. He asked me where I wanted to go, and invited me to join him in the taxi after knowing that we're headed to the same destination. He said that it'd be cheap if we split the co…

IB Global Politics Internal Assessment

Trip to Denmark

In UWC Norway, there are a good number of students from Denmark. The number of students from the Scandinavian countries is proportionally more than any other countries in the world in the school. One of my friends from Denmark is called Marit Sonja.

She is a beautiful and smart young lady with a great interest in environmental preservation. She is a lover of nature. We shared our math class. Both of us were taking Math Standard Level. She invited me to visit her home in Denmark after graduation. It was a little bit of struggle for us to communicate with the school administration to make changes to my itinerary plan. We went to talk to Barbara who was in charge of travel information for students on travel support. She sent us to talk to Alistair, who was the assistant Rektor of our school. We were sent back and forth for a few times and then, finally, we were able to communicate properly about our plans after graduation. 
We left campus a day later than the rest of the students. Marit…